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tom fitzgerald has that story tonight and sounds like scare tactics here. >> reporter: that question was posed to the secretary of transportation, ray lahood when he was asked if the administration is trying to scare people about the sequestration. he quickly dismissed all of that and in his warning about transportation specifically was clear. according to ray lahood, this is the countdown to massive automatic cuts go on, it can make it difficult, if not impossible for air travelers to take to the skies at the end of next week with one week until sequestration, the secretary of transportation ray lahood is issuing a grim warning on the effects of automatic budget cuts on the nation's airways. >> a lot of people use airports and this is goings to have a real impact. >> reporter: if congress can not agree to stop $85 billion in automatic cuts by next week,
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lahood warns cancelled and delayed flights, long lines and angry passengers will dominate the nation's airport and lahood said members of congress will take the blame. >> your phones are going to ring off of the hook when people are delayed at airports and their flights are delayed and that is 90 minutes or flights are cancelled. >> reporter: the d.o.t. faces a $1 billion cut with 600 million coming from the faa. 74,000 employees face furloughs. it has to cut staff and to limit the number of planes flying. >> reporter: at the major international airports, the average wait times to clear customs will increase by 50%. >> reporter: delays will only be in the air. just getting through the airport could be a nightmare. a valentine's day set is hearing the homeland security janet napolitano and that security furloughs could slow security checkpoints to a
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crawl. >> the busiest airports like newark and jfk, lax and chicago o'hare, pack wake times -- wait times can grow to four hours or more. >> reporter: what is not uncertain that the on is that the automatic cuts are to take effect on friday, march 1st, unless congress can come together on a way to shut them down. they will continue from the administration into next week. the health announced the president will travel to virginia on monday to highlight the affect of sequestration cuts that will have and he's going to visit a newport news ship building contractor. and that is a major outlet for funds expelled by the u.s. navy. >> tom fitzgerald tonight. the national parks service released a himmor addressing the cuts and most of the $2.9 billion budget is for permanent spending like staff salaries, fuel, utilities, rent. national parks would offer
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fewer services, shorter hours. some areas might be restricted to visitors because of the staffing shortages. the edge on maryland. state lawmakers were up late last night passing too 2 controversial measures. the senate democrats approved the change to sweeping gun control measures and a repeel of the death penalty. a committee voted to ban capitol punishment in the three states. the senators approved an amendment to a gun bill prohibiting anyone who is involuntarily committed to mental health from owning a handgun and includes an assault weapon's ban. both measures are heading to the full senate. a vote may change the way virginia finances highways. a new compromised bill would replace the state's gasoline tax with a 3.5% wholesale tax, including a 6% levee on diesel fuel. stalled increase to 100.3%. the senator adjourned without voting on the legislation.
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new at 6, jim graham began his day in court hoping to get a judge to block a ruling from an ethics board. the judge said no. and it comes as the full d.c. council will meet to discuss pushing graham monday. matt ackland is here with this. >> reporter: graham's lawyers say this is not over. a loss in court this morning is not going keep graham from trying to clear his name. graham's team went before a judge this morning asking that he block the findings released by the ethics board several weeks ago. graham said the findings violated his due process. the ethics board said it found evidence that graham violated the city's code of conduct when it comes to a deal with a city lottery contract and another deal connected to metro. the board has no power to take any further steps and graham said his reputation has been harmed and, because of the board's comments, the d.c. council could punish graham on monday. >> the next step is to proceed with the underlying petition
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for review, essentially a lawsuit challenging the board for violating the act, violating the constitutional rights and it will proceed according to the court schedule. >> monday morning at 11:00, the full counsel will come together to talk about possible punishment for graham. graham won't be there to talk about this. he has another hearing scheduled at the very same time. brian? a followup to a story we told but last night. the former director of homeland security and emergency management for the district. millicent west plead guilty to tax fraud. west helped chapel funds from a program meant to keep kids off drugs to pay for an inaugural ball. the fifth person to plowed guilty to crimes in connection to the investigation of former council member harry thomas. the edge on maryland. anne arundel county has a new county exec. they elected laura newman to
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replace leopold. newman was chosen over 15 other candidates to place the former county exec and currently serves as the economic development chief for howard county. a developing story we're following as nato allies discuss keeping a training force in afghanistan after the soldiers are scheduled to leave in 2049. the mission is expected to include european allies and non- nato nations. a range of 8 to 12,000 u.s. troops is discussed as a possible number. leon panetta said no specifics were agreed upon. >> i want to make clear that the range of options we were discussing was with regards to the nato force and the nato force consists of both the u.s. presence plus nato contributions. and we didn't define specifics on that. >> president obama has not decided how many troops would remain in afghanistan. officials say he's still reviewing options. now tonight, the department of defense grounded its entire fleet of f-35 war planes due to
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engine problems. the authorities say a crack was found on a turbine blade during a routine inspection on tuesday. the decision affects fighter planes for the air force, marines and navy. willgoing -- boeing get the dreamliners cleared for takeoff? and staying safe, how to protect your identity when your bangor credit card company is hacked. >> the weekend is here but this friday night is featuring cold temperatures and drizzle. the problem is some of that drizzle might put down some glaze. we're talking about winter weather advisory advisories for some of you. lindsay, what about sports? >> rg3 shows off his progress at rehab one each at a time and is geo gonzalez in the clear? the carrier dome is preparing to say goodbye to the best rivalry in the biggest. -- east. brian. >> and if you have a story idea, there is a number and e- mail address.  [ wind howling ]
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. the nightmare could soon be over for boeing's troubled dreamliner. hey met with faa administrators in hopes of getting the 787s in the sky. the entire fleet is browned for months and appears they won't be cleared for flight until april. the dreamliners were plagued with battery problems, fuel leaks and brake problems. >> the airplanes behaveed properly and performed up to airline's expectations. we have a battery issue and kept know what that is and they can't replicate it. so they bite off more than they can chew. >> investigators blame the oil leak by an improper paint job that led to a switch not working directly. a poor taping job led to cracks in glass and a faulty park led to braking problems. the authorities are still looking into the battery issue. d.c. shalls want the fbi to stay in the district so they're
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pitching a new headquarters in popular point. the park area near the anacostia and 11th street bridge is 110 acres, only has about a 40-acre spree. the fbi wants that much to consolidate offices into a central local. the district wants to be kept in the city to reap the rewards of jobs and revenue. a bold plan in maryland gets the green light. they approved the plan to bring in offshore wind farms to the state. the governor touts that it will create jobs and lock-in prices for 25 years and will be built off of the coast of ocean city with 40 wind tush signs. the bill heads to the senate. coming up, more than a dozen u.s. companies following -- falling victims to recent cyberattacks. what can you do to protect yourself and your information. and that is called street art. a new exhibit chronicling the graffiti area.
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. >> what happens when a curling tutorial goes wrong? the young girl in disbelief when she realized she burns off her hair. a few months later, she layoffs at herself and decided to post the video on youtube.
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. a new report shows more and more consumers continue to battle identity theft. fox's brenda butner has tips to protect yourself and your
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information. >> reporter: it may be the premise of a hit hollywood comedy. identity theft is no laughing matter when you're the victim. >> it's too easy to steal information and money and the cyberdomains around the world are an easy victim to prey and to the hackers out there. >> reporter: research from javelin strategy shows there was a new victim of identity fraud once every three seconds in 2012. what can you do to protect yourself and your information? a few reminers. don't let your antivirus software expire. make sure it's up to date and running. >> it's relatively expensive to pay for an annual subscription and it's more expensive to try to reclaim your identity when stolen. >> reporter: when choosing passwords, make sure they're strong. >> abc, one, two, three is not a good password. how far, if it's something that is memorable to you, with incremental characters that you assigned to it, that tends to
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be a good password. >> reporter: think twice before clicking on any links in unsolicited e-mail. >> it's not an e-mail from someone that you are well-aware of or someone that ask was asked to end the e-mail. you should not click on any of the links. >> reporter: the javeline report shows more than 12 million victims have more than $21 billion stolen over the year. the increase in i.d. theft has consumers pulling back their purse strings. traffic is impacted after a breach and with many victims avoiding smaller online merchants. in new york, brenda buttner, fox news. and wicked weather might be headed our way. in missouri, the residents are big enough to help neighbors get the cars out. slow commute for drivers in illinois. and mother nature didn't stop fans who camped outside for their chance at baseball tickets. as we all know. >> and i thought today was what
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that storm was. >> and that is basically it. we have some new advisories that were issued for the overnight hours. >> ock. >> and we're in the lull. and we expected this. later tonight, we're below freezing in most areas and there is a concern for freezeing drizzle. >> okay. >> and i will show you the counties that have to watch it. in the meantime, we're in the lull and i don't think that a lot is going to happen between now and about 10:00. but, it's a little damp out there and the problem we have is that drizzle doesn't she up very well on radar. and speaking of radar, let me show you first and foremost the winter weather advisory that are in affect because we are going to see radar getting more active later tonight. goes up to pennsylvania and all the way down to southwestern virginia. in our area, it includes loudoun county, frederick county and a lot of other counties along the mason dixon line and west of loudoun, including northern portions of faulkier county and that is a concern for light, freezing rain and sleet.
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the better scenario is from that freezing rain to put down a glaze. we're talking a trace. and that is it. nothing to pull down wires or anything like that and enough to make it slick if you're driving too fast and that is why you see the trucks on the side of the road getting ready to put down the chemicals and salt that they need to. it's obviously very light and very patchy. what we do so in the pink here are little batches of freezeing rain and drizzle. there might be some sleet in there and that has the ice pellets that tick. i saw that earlier and some of you saw snow. the snow is off of the board now and a lot of this is mostly going to be liquid for many areas from d.c. on south and east. but you can see that there is some light stuff and everything is waiting for this to get its act together. this is an area that will develop into low pressure that is going to move up off to the north carolina coast bringing us another round of rain and that is primarily east tomorrow. thought i would jump ahead. you get the idea what the precipitation pattern is going to be and then i want to you
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see the temperatures. this is cold at the surface for many areas. so, 6:00 tonight. heavier stuff to the south and we have the patches of drizzle that, again, the future cast wpick up on and we have the temperatures below freezing in many areas. by 10:00 tonight, notice the moisture is getting us back together and by 9:00 in the morning, we're getting rain back in here. the overnight hours between now and 10, we have to watch in the colder spots. the temperatures may not be warming up. rain is out of here by tomorrow afternoon and then it becomes the third new england snowstorm in three weekends. and that is not going to be as big as the last one for places especially up to boston and north. sunday's going to be a dry one for us and we're going to run the precipitation out of up to early tomorrow afternoon. meanwhile, we only got up to 35 today. dulles and bwi marshal, 33 and that is already below that in many areas and d.c.'s down to 33. gaithersburg, 30; those areas where you may get a little drizzle later tonight, that is going to be freezing drizzle.
6:20 pm
it will be liquid that freezes on contact with anyone that is below 32. so, we're going to be on the bubble and we need to watch that and that is why the winter weather advisories have been issued. the coastal low will get stronger tomorrow and that is going to be a rainy scenario for us. sunday will be the better looking day. the fox 5 accuweather seven-day forecast, how about we warm it up a bit, huh? 45 degrees tomorrow, that is considerably warmer than today was. sunday, we'll feel tropical at 49. and monday, about 50 degrees. next tomorrow is to -- storm to watch looks like monday night into tuesday night and looks like rain. can you so we're bumping along in the mid- and upper 40s the next few days. >> all right, thank you, sue. >> sure. a new exhibit at the gallery of art in northwest hoping to showcase d.c. history. pump me up d.c. subsculpture of the 1980s. and this is the history of graffiti with the ties to music during the time period. the exhibit is car heated -- curated by robert gasman in bethesda. >> things look so different
6:21 pm
now, you know, you can -- the show is designed in a timeline to walk up anywhere and remember something, you know. there are a lot of positives and negatives, there are different things on the wall happening to the city. overall, it's a fun, entertaining and educational show. >> the exhibit runs from february 23rd through april 7th. baseball season is around the corner. one of the nats aces trying to move past rumors of p.e.d. uses. lindsay murphy has the latest on geo gonzalez's drug test results. a college cheerleader, the video for incredible acrobatic half-court became a viral video. the girl attended william kerry university at hattiesburg, mississippi. she tried the trick shot several times and never had luck. luck. 
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. hello, everybody. i'm lindsay murphy. the redskins are not the only ones preaching how well robert griffin 3 is recovering from his knee surgery. the doctor said today at the combine that rg3 is ahead of schedule and all they do is hold them back. the quarterback tried to show his progress. posting a video from rehab is a great video, of course, taken by merry weather, who is recovering from knee surgery. griffin is competing against a college athlete. the qb maintaining he's focused on the long-term health and not returning to get back before he's ready and that is looking good there. ryan zimmerman is progressing well following his shoulder surgery. he took bp on the fold for the first time and, according to the reports, that is like him. smashing pitches. and the other big news, again,ing center around geo gonzalez. who has received word from the
6:25 pm
major league baseball player's association association that the tests came back clean with no proof of performance- enhancing drugs. geo was tested that he was linked to a clinic in miami. mlb has not officially absolved him but the recent signs avoid to him avoiding the 50-game suspension that will would come with any proof he used, bought, or distributed illegal substances. with georgetown and syracuse leaving the big east, expect emotions to run high tomorrow. a lot is on the line aside from bragging rights. the hoyas are tied for first place in the conference and more than 35,000 fans are expected to pack the carrier dome as one of the most heated rivalries. farewell to big east play in the dome. the teams have split the last four meetings and this is shaking up to being special and doesn't mean it means -- needs special treatment. >> and that is a special game. we go through the normal routine and did can't do
6:26 pm
anything here to simulate 35,000 fans and we're going put five guys on the court, they will, too, and let's go play. >> and this is an hooper -- honor to play in the game. you watch the games and see how heated the bales get and this is the take of the up to and all over the place. and at the end of the day, we will play the game and with other teams showing up -- to be the victor. >> the weigh-in was last night and tonight is the fight, lamont peterson will put the ibf140-pound junior welter weight championship on the line. peterson has not fought since december of 2011, when he won the toilet from khan. a disputed drug test temporarily failed the defense and he will put it on the line at the d.c. armory. the wiz afterwards hosting the denver nuggets. brian? >> and i went to the doctor and got on the scale. that is how my weigh-in looked also. >> is that right? 140. >> and i thought you might use the video of my weigh-in.
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>> and over to shawn yancy. >> and we believe that one. all right, just teasing you. new details about a tragic fire in prince georges county that killed a father and his two daughters. find out what sparked the blaze. plus, we're going to talk to one of the first firefighters who arrived on the scene. >> and a sports agent breaking down the trouble for lance armstrong after the justice department announced it's joining a lawsuit against the disgraced cyclist. and hollywood's elite will be on display sunday night and we'll preview the fashions that will hit the red carpet. >> see you at 10. hope you will be here as well. dinner's ready.
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